Supplying chemicals
to the
Russian industry

Chemical distribution

01 | About

28 is a chemical distributor, offering a full range of activities and services concerning supply of chemicals to various industries in Russia.


  • We perfrom market analisys to estimate industry needs.
  • We filter and choose suitable suppliers with appropriate products.
  • We deal with all activities involving imports, certification and other various logistical needs.
  • We activly market our products to industries of choise. We also provide support for our custumers.

02 | Structure and markets


28 is an Israeli firm, with main office in Tel Aviv. All operations of our firm are being run from Israel, this is where we analyze all data, make all strategic decisions and develop all new and existing business directions. Our Tel-Aviv office is our company's nerve center, from which we monitor all shipments, marketing and other various activities. Your always wellcome to visit us here.

Understanding our clients and suppliers needs, we are always ready, on a short notice, to arrive at remote sites, and provide all services required.

Russia & CIS

Russia and other CIS countries are our main markets. We work mostly in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg areas.

We offer materials and chemicals to various industries, including plastic and rubber goods manufacturers, recycling industry, packaging etc. We do not only offer products but also various services and tech support to our clients, and as all dynamic firm, we are always on the look for new directions and new partners, so if you have an interesting business proposition we will be happy to hear.

APAC & Europe

Europe and the APAC region are the main markets for us to source all our products.

We pick suitable products for our markets and build a supply chains, so we can successfully offer these products on the destination market.

We work with several manufacturers, mainly specialty chemicals and additives producers relevant to our destination markets. But, as a firm focused on growth, we are always looking for new markets, products and suppliers.

Offering goods and services

03 | Our services

Services to Suppliers

We are a chemical distributor specializing on the Russian market, and we are actively monitoring the various industries in it. To our suppliers we offer extensive and up-to-date market information, and opportunity to extend their business, extend sales and open new markets for their products.

We can offer the following services:

  • Target market analysis – aimed at finding attractive market directions and putting together the best offers.
  • Building customers base and marketing strategy.
  • Dealing with all logistics, certification and various legal requirements in the destination market.
  • We also offer marketing activities and after-sales support.

Services to Clients

We do a great deal of research and analysis to find the most suitable suppliers and products for our industries, then we combine and offer the best deals for our clients. In 28 we are working hard to offer suitable and needed products and services for attractive prices, aiming at long-term cooperation.

We can offer the following services:

  • We offer suitable packages of products and services sourced from reliable manufacturers.
  • We have a stable and reliable supply chain, so we can supply all needed products at the required time.
  • We also offer extensive services to clients, including technical support and search for needed products abroad.